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Neuropsychological Assessment

At this time, Dr. Medina is not currently accepting referrals for neuropsychological assessment in this practice. Assessment referrals can be re-directed to WellPower (formerly Mental Health Center of Denver) where Dr. Medina currently provides neuropsychological evaluations.

Fax referrals to WellPower at (303) 504-6905.

Comprehensive neuropsychological assessment of cognitive functioning is used to characterize a person's cognitive, or thinking, abilities such as memory, attention, language, problem solving skills, and to assist other providers with diagnosis and treatment planning. Common reasons for a Neuropsychological Assessment include:



  • Identify, define, and characterize cognitive strengths and weaknesses and intellectual skills

  • Establish a baseline level of cognitive functioning if a person will be undergoing surgery, or to track cognitive changes over time

  • Assist with diagnosis and treatment planning including support for issues related to quality of life and daily functioning

  • Neuropsychological assessment can be helpful with diagnoses including Alzheimer's disease and other dementia syndromes, brain tumor, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, brain injury, concussion, stroke, and others. 


Neuropsychological evaluation involves a review of the patient's medical history, a detailed clinical interview about a person's history and symptoms, and 2-4 hours of paper-and-pencil tests to assess areas such as memory, attention & concentration, visual and language abilities, problem solving and decision making as well as emotional functioning.  After the neuropsychological testing is complete, the clinician will write a report and send it to the referral doctor, and then meet with the patient (and family if desired) to discuss the results and provide recommendations for treatment. 

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