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Meet Dr. Medina

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Jennifer Medina, Ph.D.

Jennifer Medina, Ph.D. is owner of Brain Space and a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in cognitive assessment, psychotherapy, brain health, and mindfulness. 


As a fellowship trained neuropsychologist, Dr. Medina provides comprehensive neuropsychological assessment of cognitive functioning to characterize thinking abilities and to assist with diagnosis and treatment planning. 


Her psychotherapy techniques include mindfulness and cognitive/behavioral based interventions to improve mood symptoms and enhance cognitive health and wellness. Psychotherapy sessions are with individuals and/or their families to help with ways to manage cognitive, behavioral, and emotional difficulty. Dr. Medina's psychotherapy services are best suited for individuals who have awareness of their difficulty and are able to set goals to improve mood and cognitive functioning. 

Dr. Medina is passionate about brain health and supporting lifestyle strategies that are known to protect and optimize brain functions.  She helps individuals understand their unique profile and educates them about how to function at their cognitive best. Dr. Medina uses information from scientific research and mindfulness to help individuals stay clear and calm in their everyday lives.


Dr. Medina received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology with a specialization in neuropsychology in 2009 from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. She received internship training in neuropsychology from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, and completed a 2-year fellowship in neuropsychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Medina was clinical faculty in the Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer's Disease Center at Northwestern before moving to Denver in 2015 and opening the practice. Dr. Medina is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Colorado (#4192) and Illinois (071008081). 

“I love the work that I do and could not be more grateful for the direction that my professional path has taken me. I set the intention of practicing what I teach! I enjoying hiking and biking and the Colorado outdoors. I’ve been practicing mindfulness since graduate school, to help keep stress low and to think more clearly in my daily life. Meaningful activities in my life are of high importance including my partner, family, dogs, as well as gardening and socializing with friends. Living a sustainable lifestyle is a passion, which includes eating healthy and locally sourced foods. Each day brings a new opportunity!”

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Symptoms & Diagnoses Dr. Medina Specializes in Treating:

Stroke • Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion • Dementia • Parkinson's Disease Epilepsy • Brain Tumor • Memory • Attention • Depression • Anxiety

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