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Let's get started with creating your Brain Health plan! You'll first meet to discuss your goals, your health history, and other details that will help understand how to support your brain health. After a brief assessment of your cognitive skills, you'll learn more about your strengths and cognitive areas that could be better supported in your daily life. You'll receive a personalized report that will include a tailored plan that will help support you "from the neck up"! 

Your Personalized Brain Health Plan will include strategies, recommendations, and supportive information to help you learn about and engage in lifestyle habits that are known from research to contribute to brain health. From there, you'll be assisted along the way with accountability and support for making lasting changes that will contribute to your overall brain health and wellness. 

The Brain Health Plan includes empirically based recommendations in the areas of physical fitness, diet and nutrition, sleep quality, stress reduction, and strategies designed to support and improve your cognition in your personal and work life. 

Step 1. Personalized Assessment


Brief yet comprehensive
assessment of cognitive skills,
such as memory and attention,
using paper-and-pencil tests to identify strengths, and areas that may need more support


Review of lifestyle factors, health and medical risk, family history, and emotional health


A written report summarizing the profile with in-person
feedback and discussion

The Plan

A Customized Brain Health
Plan will be created based on a personalized set of evidence
based recommendations to support cognitive and brain health

Step 2. Customized Brain Health Plan

The Brain Space Model uses 4 pillars that are known to contribute to cognitive wellness, brain health, and longevity. The Brain Health Plan is based on an individual’s Personalized Assessment and may include one, several, or all of the following pillars:

Cognitive Skills

Training sessions are focused on strengthening and exercising cognitive skills. Goals are set based on the results of the Personalized Assessment


•Weekly coaching
sessions focused on
optimizing cognitive skills


•Practical take-home

Exercise & Diet

Consultation focused on:

1) how exercise and diet can impact brain health and

2) setting goals for making changes


•The Mind Diet book, a research based diet for healthy aging and longevity

•An exercise action plan
based on research based
strategies that protect the


Support focused on sleep
hygiene and sleep quality


•A plan to clean up
unhealthy sleep habits


•Sleep diary/tracker


•Accountability and
support to help make
behavior changes


Mindfulness training for
stress reduction, with a
focus on clearer thinking
and optimizing cognition in
daily life


•In session practices


•Take-home exercises
focused on stress reduction

Learn More

What is a Brain Health Plan?

A customized set of services designed to:

•Optimize brain health

•Support cognitive wellness for clearer and more efficient thinking in daily life

•Cultivate lifestyle practices that promote healthy aging and longevity

•An extension of health care services that encompasses mental health, neurological health,  cognitive functioning, and physical health

•Focused on prevention

•Research-based techniques gained from neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive rehabilitation, mental health, & mindfulness

•Customized and dedicated to supporting an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, risk factors, and modifiable lifestyle areas

Who is this for?

•Optimizing their cognitive skills in their personal and work life

•Aging successfully, taking care of their brain, promoting longevity

•Being the best parent, partner, employee that they can be

•Women experiencing cognitive changes associated with hormone fluctuations

•Healthy individuals with a family history of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease

•Individuals who feel they could be functioning better in their thinking skills but aren’t sure how to go about doing this

•Individuals who feel they are having too many “senior moments” and want to thrive in
their aging years

***Brain Health services are not the same as a clinical evaluation. If you have been referred by your doctor for an assessment, please refer to the Neuropsychological Services page. 

What are the Results?

After a full Brain Health Consultation,  clients will…

•Know their unique cognitive profile, strengths and areas that can be supported

•Learn the lifestyle and health risk factors that can be modified to protect the brain

•Have personalized strategies to help them optimize brain function to be more effective and
productive in daily life

•Be informed about the choices they can make to improve sleep, reduce stress, eat a healthy diet, and exercise so that they are promoting brain health and longevity

•Feel supported in the process of contributing to their cognitive health and brain wellness

Cultivate • Flourish • Thrive

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