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Brain Space Corporate Services

Services can be tailored to the organization to promote and enhance productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction through brain health. Programs can be in person (Denver area) or virtual. 


Examples include:
• Lunch & Learn Presentation or Series
• Group Workshop
• Intensive Series or Class
• Individualized consultation to meet employee or organizational goals

Special topics include:


Stress Free At Work

Having a demanding job doesn't mean it has to be stressful! Learn how to leverage your strengths by using cognitive strategies and mindfulness to be your best in the workplace. 

The Mindful Brain 

Mindfulness can decrease stress, help cope with challenges more effectively, promote wellness in body and mind, & cultivate an ability to stay present in the moment. Everyday practices are provided to cultivate mindfulness into your daily routine.

Cognitive Wellness in the Workplace

Learn and understand the factors that help maintain sharp thinking skills.  The program will provide strategies and methods to promote cognitive wellness and efficiency in everyday life. 

Pillars of Brain Health

Learn the lifestyle strategies that promote a healthy brain including cognitive wellness and healthy aging, sleep, stress reduction and physical health.


Mindfully Enjoying the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful. This workshop uses mindfulness to promote self-care during the holidays, manage work and personal life demands, and teaches strategies to cultivate a holiday season that you desire. 

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